THE FILM DOPES ARE AT IT AGAIN!!! As  Alex Camargo, Stuntman Jess, and The Renaissance Man Gabriel review Central Intelligence. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber ( We’re the Millers) and starring Dwayne Johnson,  and Kevin Hart.

Meet Calvin Joyner a former star athlete and all around popular guy, who now finds himself working as an accountant while missing the glory days that were high school. As his 20 year high school reunion draws near, he is contacted by an old classmate, Bob Stone, the socially awkward kid who endured bullying for being over weight. Little does Calvin know that not only has Bob changed in appearance but he has also found work as a CIA agent who is on a mission to save the now compromised US satellite system.

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Back to Back Offseason Champs!


This week on @TheSportsDopes :


  • Alex and Danny speak on how they’re NOT going to talk about movies and music this time.
  • They proceed to talk about the Okeechobee Music Festval, the Oscars, and Alex’s Karaoke experience.
  • The Miami Dolphins defending their Offseason Championship.
  • The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles working together toward a singular goal: Mediocrity.
  • Gronks Party Boat… Enough said.
  • Lamar Miller’s likely departure and where the Miami Dolphins may look to replace him. Forte?
  • Danny’s Draft analysis.
  • Alex was finally right about something, he bathes in his own glory…for once.

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