THE FILM DOPES ARE AT IT AGAIN!!! As Stuntman Jess, The Renaissance Man Gabriel, and Ready Eddy review Warcraft. Directed by Duncan Jones ( Source Code) and starring Travis FimmelPaula Patton, and Ben Foster.

Inspired by the highly popular video game franchise, Warcraft tells the story of two factions at war for their survival. At one end is the kingdom of Azeroth, a rich and thriving human world led by its King Llane, at the other stands a conquering army called The Horde, led by their shaman Gul’dan. As their war wages on, leaders from each side begin to question if war is the answer.

Please enjoy and feel free to like, comment, and/or share. we would love your support and feedback on these projects as we move forward in the future. We love you all, and thanks for listening.

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