THE FILM DOPES ARE AT IT AGAIN!!! As Alex Camargo, The Renaissance Man Gabriel, Stuntman Jess, and Ready Eddy review X-Men: Apocalypse. Directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and starring James McAvoy Michael Fassbender, and  Jennifer Lawrence.

Set in 1980’s and following the events of the Days of Future Past, Professor Charles Xavier is taking in young a familiar group of young mutants with the goal of advancing the struggle for equality and coexistence for mutant and human alike, when a new foe threatens not only the cause, but the very existence of society itself. He is the first of his kind, believes only the strong can survive, He is En Sabah Nur, but we know him as Apocalypse.

Please enjoy and feel free to like, comment, and/or share. we would love your support and feedback on these projects as we move forward in the future. We love you all, and thanks for listening.

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